Training and Development – Managers/Supervisors

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HR Courses (also included on Employees page)

The Department of Human Resources Administration (DHRA) strives to ensure that employees are aware and knowledgeable of important human resource topics. For that reason, certain courses have been identified to educate employees on variety of these topics.

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Management Curriculums

These curriculums contain courses intended for employees in management roles/positions across the enterprise. It is recommended by DHRA that all are completed - a CHECKLIST is available for tracking. Agencies may also assign agency-specific training to their managers.

          • Executive Branch - Management Curriculum
          • GSC Hiring and Selection: Best Practices Currciulum
          • GSC Discipline and Documentation Curriculum

KHRIS Manager Self-Service (MSS)

KHRIS is the Commonwealth of Kentucky's human resource system. It is managed by the Personnel Cabinet and used by Agency Human Resource Administrators to input and maintain employee HR information. Manager Self-Service (MSS) is a part of KHRIS, available through the internet, that allows managers access to certain information.

Click HERE to access guides and tutorials available to assist in accessing MSS.

Note: These are also included in the Executive Branch - Management Curriculum.

Performance Management

The Commonwealth of Kentucky's performance evaluation system was developed to assist with communication between the employee and supervisor (evaluator). Performance evaluations are important opportunities for supervisors and employees to share in open dialog concerning attainment and setting of goals as well as the employee's individual performance.

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Note: These are also included in the Executive Branch - Management Curriculum.

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Office of Diversity, Equality, and Training 

The Office of Diversity, Equality, and Training provides employee training and development. ODET offers classroom workshops, eLearning and self-study resources for the employees of Kentucky government.

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Governmental Services Center (GSC)

GSC provides training and development for managers of Kentucky government through classroom workshops, eLearning and self-study resources.

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