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Training and Development - HR Courses

The following courses are required and/or made available to employees by the Personnel Cabinet's Department for Human Resources Administration. For registration information, please contact your agency training coordinator.

Executive Branch Onboarding: New Hire Training Curriculum [required]

This curriculum contains courses required for all new Executive Branch employees. It is assigned by the agency training coordinator upon hire. It is subject to change at any time and currently includes the following:

          • GSC Learning Your Way @ Commonwealth U
          • Employee Handbook
          • Accurate Time Reporting
          • Active Shooter
          • GSC Executive Branch Ethics
          • GSC Overview of the Merit System
          • Security Awareness
          • Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple
          • KHRIS Employee Self-Service (ESS)
          • ODET Anti-Harassment and Diversity
          • Guide to Executive Branch State Employee Benefits
          • Overview of Executive Branch Retirement and Investment Options
      NOTE: Executive Branch employees are also registered for annual training, by the Personnel Cabinet, each year. Courses vary  
      each year.  

Performance Management [if eligible]

Required for employees who are eligibile for performance evaluations pursuant to 101 KAR 2.190.

          • ​​​​​​​​​​​Guide to Performance Management for Employees​​

For registration information, contact your agency training coorindator.​

KHRIS Self-Time Entry [if applicable]

Required for employees whose agency is utilizing KHRIS Self-Service Time Recording. Available in MyPURPOSE (for training credit), but also for reference HERE.

Working Effectively From Home [if applicable]

Required for employees with an approved telecommuting agreement.

DHRA Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Training for Executive Branch Employees

This is an in-depth online course intended to provide information on the application of the FMLA to Kentucky Executive Branch employees covered under KRS Chapter 18A. This online course is open to any employee; however, we strongly encourage all HR employees and managers to complete this course.