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‚ÄčLeading Others

"The success of an organization is inseparably tied to the skills and abilities of its leaders." - Zenger & Folkman

Leading others is about building relationships and driving results. Leading others starts with leader behavior. Leaders respect people, ask questions of others, listen to their employees, show their sincere appreciation and recognition, build personal relationships and develop their staff. These behaviors have impact on productivity of the team.

Leaders enhance productivity in their team culture by clarifying the vision, setting "stretch" goals, creating good methods of measuring progress, conveying enthusiasm and excitement to achieve and creating streamline work processes.

The following pages have documents and resources that can help you lead others well, for the benefit of employees, the organization and you.  

Managing within State Government - documents and resources specific to managing in Kentucky state government.

Developing Employees - documents and resources for supervisors to coach their employees and help them learn and grow in their jobs.

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