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Manager Resources for Employee Orientation and Onboarding

Orientation and onboarding is the process in which new hires are brought into the agency and are provided the tools they need to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to become effective team members. This process involves the employee, the agency HR office, the Personnel Cabinet, and YOU!

Below are resources you'll need to make this a successful experience for everyone. If you have questions, please contact your agency HR Office for assistance.


Executive Branch Onboarding Procedure 


When your agency HR office launches onboarding to a candidate/employee, you will receive a checklist which includes tasks to prepare for their arrival through their first year.

Sample Documents and Templates

Welcome Letter from Manager to Employee

Peer Mentor - Guidance and Checklist

Notice to Staff from Manager

Your Employee

It's important that you are aware of everything your employee will receive from the Personnel Cabinet during the onboarding process. Select the below link to access that information.

Employee Onboarding Information and Resources

Welcome Letter - This is a sample of the welcome letter your employee receives from the Personnel Cabinet once your agency launches onboarding.