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Welcome to Team Kentucky!

Your hiring agency will do more to get you settled into your new job, but the Personnel Cabinet is happy to get you started on some basic tasks that are required for all employees.

Click below to view the onboarding tutorial which will explain who we are and what the onboarding process entails.

Onboarding Tutorial


Click HERE to view a greeting from our Governor and Personnel Cabinet Secretary.

Accessing Onboarding

Preboarding Site - Until you're notified that your appointment action has cleared, meaning you've completed the transition from selected job candidate to official employee, please use this link to access the onboarding site. This link was also provided in the email we sent.

Onboarding Site - Once your agency provides you with a KHRIS User ID, you'll access the employee site by selecting the MyPURPOSE link (in the above blue bar). 

Benefits Overview

Click HERE to access the benefits overview which will provide a brief description of the benefits available to eligible employees. 

Eligibility should be verified through your agency HR office. 


Additional Information

Some of the tasks included in onboarding, have additional information available for review or a form to access and print.  Select a task item to view more.

          • Kentucky Withholding (K-4)
          • Federal Withholding (W-4)
          • Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9)
          • Payroll Deferral
          • Deferred Comp - New Hire Auto Enroll
          • Ethics - Statement of Financial Disclosure
          • Outside Employment

Additional Instruction

As described in the onboarding tutorial, the following forms require specific information. Select a form to view details on each.

New Hire Training Curriculum

Instructions for completing the required training through the new hire curriculum are available HERE.


This checklist will assit you in keeping track of orientation and onboarding tasks you must complete. 


Onboarding goes beyond your first few weeks of employment. The Personnel Cabinet remains committed to the onboarding process and wants to know about your experience. At six months and one year, we will send you a survey to complete. Please answer honestly and provide details that can ensure the process is running smoothly and efficiently and we're always looking for ways to improve, so please share your thoughts.


If you ever need HR assistance, please be sure to contact your agency HR office as they will always be your source of direct support. If you need contact information, select the "Contact Agency HR Office" link below under "Need Help?".