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Tools and Links!

Listed below are additional tools and links that are helpful to know about.

[Links have been provided for quick access; however, we encourage you to learn our site. Familiarize yourself with where content is housed. You'll notice at the bottom right of each item we've provided the path you would follow to locate each item using the above header and drop-down menu.]


Click HERE to go to the Career's website, maintained by the Division of Career Opportunities. It contains information on searching and applying for jobs throughout state government

[Find a Job]

Employee Handbook

This is a very important document containing employment information for all employees. Click HERE to access it.

[Documents in Demand]

Employee Leave

Click HERE for a list of leave types with links to applicable portions within the Employee Handbook as well as a few other pages.

REPORTS: Click HERE to access instructions to reports that are available in Manager Self-Service (MSS).

[Benefits/Holidays & Leave/Leave]

[Resources/Training & Development/Manager/KHRIS-MSS]

Employee Performance Management System

Click HERE to access supervisor information as it relates to the Employee Performance Management System mandated by 101 KAR 2:190.

[Resources/Training & Development/Manager/Performance Management]

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

To learn more about the federal law that provides up to 12 weeks unpaid, job-protected leave to employees for certain family and medical reasons, click HERE.

[Benefits/Holidays & Leave/Leave/FMLA]


When looking for a specific form you should look on the page that describes its content. For instance, FMLA forms will be found with the FMLA content. More frequently used documents are available HERE.  (If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact your HR office for assistance.)

[Documents in Demand]

Grievance Process

The process for grievances is outlined within the Employee Handbook . Please see the Table of Contents for the actual page number. Click HERE for the Employee Handbook.

[Documents in Demand]

Hiring and Selection /Recruitment System Information

Click HERE to access detailed information and resources for managers pertaining to the merit system hiring process as well as the recruitment system, MyPURPOSE.

[Only Available Under Manager Resources]

Job Specifications

Click HERE to view the specifications for all job titles. Pay grades with salary ranges and requirements are also included.

[Documents in Demand]


The Legislative Research Commission website provides information on all statutes and regulations. Click HERE to view.


Position Descriptions

Through MSS you can access your employees' position descriptions (PDs) under Employee Information. If you feel that an update is necessary, you should contact your HR office. Click HERE to access the PD template which will be necessary for that process to be completed.

[available to HR staff at HR Administrators/Resources/Forms]


A few reports are available to managers within Manager Self-Service (MSS), please click HERE to access instructions to those reports.

[Resources/Training & Development/Manager/KHRIS-MSS]


Click HERE to access a resource guide for managers.