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Job Class Specifications‚Äč

Job class specifications describe and explain the job duties and responsibilities assigned to a particular job. This is in addition to the knowledge, skills, abilities, associated education, training and experience required to successfully perform the job. 

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Job IDJob TextJob NameJob SeriesSER 37.5SER 40SER HourlyGradeDocument Link
2000160983220V151201Abandoned Mine Lands Appraiser8300- Property15View PDF
2000165391340V000101Account Specialist Supervisor9100- Bookkeeping & Accounting15View PDF
2000163691070V180416Accountant I9100- Bookkeeping & Accounting8View PDF
2000163791080V180416Accountant II9100- Bookkeeping & Accounting9View PDF
2000163891090V180416Accountant III9100- Bookkeeping & Accounting10View PDF
2000163991110V180416Accountant IV9100- Bookkeeping & Accounting11View PDF
2000088735350V000101Actuary3500- Insurance Regulation18View PDF
2100360312900V220316Adaptive Equipment Specialist I1200- Electronics & Communications11View PDF
2100360412910V220316Adaptive Equipment Specialist II1200- Electronics & Communications12View PDF
2000183296180V000101Administrative Branch Manager9600- General Administration16View PDF
2000115762900V220901Administrative Hearing Officer I6200- Human Services14View PDF
2000115862910V220901Administrative Hearing Officer II6200- Human Services15View PDF
2000182896140V000101Administrative Section Supervisor9600- General Administration15View PDF
2000182596110V190316Administrative Specialist I9600- General Administration9View PDF
2000182696120V000101Administrative Specialist II9600- General Administration10View PDF
2000182796130V000101Administrative Specialist III9600- General Administration12View PDF
2100072515130V170316Adult Beverage Server1500- Parks & Recreation5View PDF
2100282543290V190816Advanced Practice Regd Nurse Investigr4300- Nursing17View PDF
2000156281230V141116Agricultural Exhibition Coordinator I8100- Communications & Promotions11View PDF
2000156381240V160116Agricultural Exhibition Coordinator II8100- Communications & Promotions14View PDF
2000158982030V000101Agricultural Import/Export Advisor8200- Economic Development14View PDF
2000159130050V180316Agricultural Market Dev Specialist3000- Agriculture & Environmental11View PDF
2000158830520V180316Agricultural Marketing Specialist 3000- Agriculture & Environmental11View PDF
2000159030510V180316Agricultural Marketing Supervisor3000- Agriculture & Environmental16View PDF
2000074830190V151116Agricultural Metrology Lab Supervisor3000- Agriculture & Environmental15View PDF
2000074530160V000101Agricultural Metrology Lab Techn I3000- Agriculture & Environmental10View PDF
2000074630170V151201Agricultural Metrology Lab Techn II3000- Agriculture & Environmental12View PDF
2100340030200V221016Agricultural Regulatory Specialist I3000-Agriculture & Environmental12View PDF
2100340130210V221016Agricultural Regulatory Specialist II3000-Agriculture & Environmental 13View PDF
2100340230220V221016Agricultural Regulatory Specialist III3000-Agriculture & Environmental14View PDF

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