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Supervisor Tools


​Recognizing the need for additional support when confronted with difficult employee situations, KEAP provides a comprehensive range of information to assist supervisors.

          • Providing mental health first aid​ when a w​​orker is showing the early signs and symptoms of a mental health problem is important, as it can assist the person to return to their usual performance quickly. 

          • KEAP Supervisory Training is a narrated presentation that leads supervisors through the process of identifying and referring a troubled employee.  This format works well in manager staff meetings or for individual use.

          • Intimate Partner Violence in the Workplace offers suggestions for ways to effectively respond to staff or co-workers who may be victimized in their intimate relationships. 

          • When an employee has been on leave for an extended period of time, supervisors may want to review the Return to Work Planning Checklist to help plan a successful transition back to work. 

          • Supervisors can play a vital role in the prevention of suicide.  The Suicide Prevention Toolkit provides helpful information.

          • ​​​​Managers play a critical role in setting the tone for how the rest of the workplace will respond in the aftermath of a suicide. Learn more about this inA Manager's Guide to Suicide Postvention in the Workplace.

          • Learn what steps you can take as a supervisor to have a positive impact on morale in A Supervisor's Role in Tough Times.​

          • Developing a more neuro-inclusive supervisory style takes training and practice. Explore this informational program Autism and Neurodiversity in the Workplace to learn strategies you can follow to build helpful supervisory skills. 

          • Drug-Free Workplace Supervisor Training teaches supervisors to recognize symptoms of substance abuse and make referrals based on performance problems. 

            The presentation was developed by Working Partners.  Working Partners was a U.S. Department of Labor initiative to raise awareness about the impact drugs and alcohol have on the workplace and help employers and employees work together to ensure their workplaces are free of the hazards of alcohol and drug abuse.​​​