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Board and Advisory Committee Information



The Advisory Committee of State Health Insurance Subscribers (ACSHIS) advises the secretary of the Personnel Cabinet or designee regarding the state-sponsored health insurance program – the Kentucky Employees' Health Plan (KEHP). The statutory references below provide information regarding the ACSHIS.

Advisory Com​mittee of State Health Insurance Subscribers (ACSHIS) Map by District

Statutory Reference 18A.225(9)

Statutory Reference 18A.2255


The Kentucky Group Health Insurance Board meets on the fourth last Tuesday of each month at 2 p.m. Eastern time (unless otherwise announced). Until further notice, KGHIB meetings will be held virtually via teleconferencing through Zoom or by phone, as well as in-person.

Meet the Kentucky Group Health Insurance Board Members here.

View the KGHIB meeting Calendar here.

05-2024 Minutes.pdf05-2024 Minutes
04-2024 Minutes.pdf04-2024 Minutes
03-2024 Minutes.pdf03-2024 Minutes
02-2024 Minutes.pdf02-2024 Minutes
02-2024 Mintues.pdf02-2024 Mintues
01-2024 Minutes.pdf01-2024 Minutes
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May 2024 Board Report.pdfMay 2024 Board Report
April 2024 Board Report.pdfApril 2024 Board Report
March 2024 Board Report.pdfMarch 2024 Board Report
February 2024 Board Report.pdfFebruary 2024 Board Report
January 2024 Board Report.pdfJanuary 2024 Board Report
December 2023 Board Report.pdfDecember 2023 Board Report
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4th Quarter 2023.pdf4th Quarter 2023
3rd Quarter 2023.pdf3rd Quarter 2023
1st Quarter 2023.pdf1st Quarter 2023
4th Quarter 2022.pdf4th Quarter 2022
3rd Quarter 2022.pdf3rd Quarter 2022
2nd Quarter 2022.pdf2nd Quarter 2022
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Annual 2023 Report.pdfAnnual 2023 Report
Annual 2022 Report.pdfAnnual 2022 Report
Annual 2021 Report.pdfAnnual 2021 Report
Annual 2020 Report.pdfAnnual 2020 Report
Annual 2019 Report.pdfAnnual 2019 Report
Annual 2018 Report.pdfAnnual 2018 Report
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