KGHIB Members


Chairperson                           Gerina Whethers                    Personnel Cabinet                               

Vice Chairperson                  Tommy Loving                         Advisory Committee of State Health Insurance Subscribers

​Organization ​Members ​Proxies
​Administrative Office of the Courts​Laurie Givens
​Jason McGinnis
​Advisory Committee of State Health Insurance Subscribers​Tommy Loving Courtney Mangione
​Auditor Of Public Accounts​Mike HarmonGlenda Hager
​Department of Education Jason Glass​Tiffany Yeast
​Department of InsuranceSharon ClarkShawn Boggs
​Finance and Administration Cabinet ​Holly JohnsonElizabeth Cunningham
​Kentucky Education Association ​Brent McKim ​Antonia Lindauer
​Kentucky Education Support Professionals Association ​Mike Wilson ​Kayne Ishmael
​Kentucky Public Pension Authority​Jerry Powell​Connie Pettyjohn
​Kentucky Transportation Employees Association (Largest Payroll Organization) ​Adrienne Carter ​Brent Sweger
​Office of State Budget Director​John Hicks Nancy Haggerty
Personnel Cabinet​Gerina WhethersSharron Burton
​Teachers' Retirement System​Steve GillespieMargaret Sims