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Training and Development - HR Staff/MyPURPOSE

DHRA and the Division of Career Opportunities (DCO) are proud to offer the following recruitment system training to agency HR staff. 

For enrollment information, please contact your agency training liaison.

Prerequisite course:

In accordance with Personnel Cabinet policy and the need to ensure awareness of the Personal Information Security and Breach Investigation Procedures and Practices Act (KRS 61.931), the Personnel Cabinet requires that all users complete security training before access is granted to any of the Personnel Cabinet systems and then annually, in order to maintain access. 

Security Awareness [All employees are required to complete this course.]

This online course is presented by the Commonwealth Office of Technology and provides helpful tips on how to protect Commonwealth information and assets, including ways to keep sensitive information safe. All employees must complete this training.

HIPAA Rules & Compliance 

This online course will define HIPAA terms, explain the regulations and discuss what business entities and employees in healthcare-related fields need to do to comply with them. Additional content, from DEI, is included with this course.

Notice: The above courses replace the Information, Security, Training, Education, Policies/Procedures (iSTEP) Portal.

MyPURPOSE- Recruitment Module Courses

Agency Super User (Instructor Led Course)

This course is specifically designed for new agency super users and will provide the basic knowledge and skills needed to navigate through the system as well as to perform any related business processes.

NOTE: Prior to attending this course and requesting to receive this role, the user must already possess the Human Resource Generalist (HRG) role in KHRIS.

Reviewer/Hiring Manager (Online)

This course is required for all hiring managers and reviewers prior to the Agency Super User (primary owner) assigning them a role within MyPURPOSE.

Secondary Owner (Online)

This course is required for all secondary owners prior to the Agency Super User (primary owner) assigning them a role within MyPURPOSE.

Click HERE to access materials referenced in online courses.

Additional Resources

Agency HR Roles

If you have been granted an HR role within KHRIS, you will also be granted access to the Personnel Cabinet's HR Website, where additional training materials are maintained and are available for continued use. Click HR Administrators above (in the blue header under Resources) to access and log into the HR website where you can find this information under Services/Training.