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What to do if an employee is injured

When an employee is injured, assist in seeking immediate medical care if needed. Within three days, a Signature Page and the Medical Waiver and Consent Form, should be completed and submitted to the Workers' Compensation Branch. Additionally, the Accident Investigation Form should be completed to document the facts surrounding the injury and the form submitted to the Workers' Compensation Branch as soon as possible.

Volunteer Firefighters and Ambulance personnel also need to submit a supplemental form with injury reports.

If continued medical treatment is needed, assist the employee in locating a physician from the list of pre-approved providers and complete a designated physician form. Our third party administrator may also assist with selecting a physician. If you have questions or need assistance with the managed care network, please contact CCMSI at 1.866.320.8456.

A provider introduction letter can be sent with the employee to the doctor to show the physician that a work-related injury is being processed. The employee should take this, along with the report of medical status form, to the physician for completion and return them to the agency.   A temporary prescription I.D. card may be sent to the employee to help with prescription expenses, and should be activated within 24 hours of the reported injury.         

Our ​Wo​rkers' Com​pensation Manual​​ explains our program procedures and defines the role of our third party administrator, the claim representative, and the Managed Care Plan. Keep the manual within easy reach so you are prepared if an employee is injured on the job. Serious or catastrophic medical claims need to be expedited to ensure prompt and appropriate medical care. You may also be required to report the injury to OSHA.

The Workers' Compensation Notice should be displayed at all locations so all work sites have information and the billing address in the event of a work-related injury.  We also recommend printing the Employee Guide to Managed Care for your injured employee. This guide will help your employee understand the claim process and work with their assigned claim representative.

Our Workers' Compensation Program is here to help you and the injured employee through the entire claims process.

Many injuries can be prevented if employees remain safety-conscious at all times. Review the General Safety Rules included in this State Safety Handbook or contact the Kentucky Safety Program at 502.564.9653 for more information.

If you are concerned that an employee is suffering from depression, displaying unsual behavior or is abusing prescription narcotics, please contact the Kentucky Employee Assistance Program immediately.