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​Substance Misuse

It's widespread, costly and can touch any family, any work group.  Whether it's alcohol, prescription or recreational drugs, the impact of substance misuse can be devastating. 

Help for You Help for a Co-worker

This website, sponsored by the National Institute of Health, helps you analyze your drinking behavior to determine your risk level for harmful drinking concerns. It also takes a non-judgmental look at ways to cut down or quit drinking if your drinking is causing harm.   http://www.rethinkingdrinking.niaaa.nih.gov

SAMHSA offers a nation-wide treatment locator: https://www.samhsa.gov/find-treatment
To learn more about treatment contact KEAP.

Slide presentation What Can I Do?

The purpose of this module is to learn when and how to help a co-worker (or family member or friend) who may have a substance use problem.  The misuse of drugs and alcohol affects EVERYBODY, not just the user. 

To further the effort to promote drug-free awareness in the workplace, the following presentation is available to educate employees about a drug-free workplace and the dangers of alcohol and drug addiction.

Employee Drug Free Workplace Presentation


Help for Family/FriendsHelp for Supervisors



Friends and family of problem drinkers can find
understanding and support at Al-Anon

How to help               


Alcohol: http://www.helpguide.org/articles/addiction/alcoholism-and-alcohol-abuse.htm



An informational slide presentation is available to help
supervisors recognize symptoms of substance misuse and do their part to support a drug free workplace.

Often, supervisors are aware that an employee’s job
performance and behavior have deteriorated, but are unsure of the cause. A supervisor does not have to know the cause to address the performance or behavior issue or offer appropriate resources. Learn how to refer an employee to KEAP in this Supervisory Training Module.