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 Public Service Recognition Week Toolkit

You have the opportunity to make a difference in your employees and your organization by doing simple things to recognize your team and show appreciation for their efforts. Use the digital resources below to get started! 

Research shows that employees who feel appreciated become more engaged and feel more satisfied with their work.  Motivated employees facilitate higher customer satisfaction and, in turn, positively influence organizational performance.  Employees are more likely to stay with an organization that not only cares about their people’s development but really does something to show it.  Below are ideas for recognizing your team, not only during Public Service Recognition Week, but throughout the year.

Please note that state funds cannot be used for Public Service Recognition events. For additional information, please refer to Use of Public Funds (FA​P 120-23-00)​.


For Managers:

Send digital "Thank You" cards via email: Thank You Card (downloadable). 

Hold a drawing for a reserved parking spot: Feel free to use the following online name randomizer tool at https://miniwebtool.com/random-name-picker/.   

Create a slideshow of employee pictures. 

Recognize employee years of service: For more information about service certificates or to obtain one for a team member, please click here.    

Recognize employees who donate their time to activities that benefit the community: Serve Kentucky (CHFS) offers certificates of appreciation for volunteers. More details about their volunteer recognition program can be found on their website at https://serve.ky.gov/volunteers/Pages/recognition.aspx

Issue an "Above and Beyond" digital badge to team members within MyPurpose​. For instructions on how to issue a digital badge, please click here​. 

For Agencies:

Send digital "Thank You" cards via email: Thank You Card (downloadable). 

Produce a special edition of your employee newsletter and include thank you remarks and/or messages of encouragement from your agency director and others.

Attach a copy of the 2024 Governor's Proclam​ation​ in celebration of Public Service Recognition Week. 

Email letters your agency has received from citizens who appreciated your service.

Assist the Cabinet Secretary in recording a voicemail of gratitude to the employees.