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Mental Health

 Mental Health Concerns

By selecting a topic below, you are opening a door to information and practical suggestions for addressing mental health related issues.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Bipolar Disorder
Brain Health
Community Unrest/Racial Trauma
Eating Disorders
Family Members of the Mentally Ill 
Mental Illness
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Suicide Prevention

If you have questions or concerns not discussed in these resources, please call your Employee Assistance Program for a one-to-one conversation about your specific circumstances.

Mental Health Screenings

Mental health self-screenings are self-testing tools that may give you an easy, anonymous way to recognize conditions that may threaten your health and happiness. Just like self-screenings for physical conditions, early information from a mental health self-screening may give you information that may alert you that further examination is indicated. Self-screening results can be a great tool to bring with you to your initial consultation with a qualified mental health professional. If a potential problem exists and you would like to learn more about resources for care, contact KEAP at (502) 564-5788 or (800) 445-5327.

Bipolar Disorder
Eating Disorders
Post Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

KEAP makes no representation as to the accuracy of online mental health screenings. Online screenings are not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis, advice, and treatment. For adequate and proper medical diagnosis, you should consult with a qualified mental health professional. If you feel that you are in immediate danger due to a potential health condition, please contact 911. The Commonwealth of Kentucky does not endorse or have a partnership with any of the entities providing mental health screening assessment tools for public use. Further, the Commonwealth does not endorse or make any representation as to any mental health professional to which the tools may refer you.