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  Managing YOU!

Improve your managerial skills and increase your knowledge by checking out the information below.

[Links have been provided for quick access; however, we encourage you to learn our site. Familiarize yourself with where content is housed. You'll notice at the bottom right of each item we've provided the path you would follow to locate each item using the above header and drop-down menu.]

KHRIS Manager Self-Service (MSS) Information

Click HERE for information and a tutorial on the MSS feature within KHRIS. It includes how to report on your employee's leave balances as well as where to access certain employee information.

[Resources/Training & Development/KHRIS/MSS]

Leading Self

Click HERE to go to the Governmental Services Center (GSC) page which provides detailed guidance on improving yourself as a manager. You must lead yourself in order to lead others.

[Services/Governmental Services Center/Leadership-Leading Self]

Leading Others

Click HERE  to go to the Governmental Services Center (GSC) page which provides information on self-performance and development.

[Services/Governmental Services Center/Leadership-Leading Others]

Training Information

Click HERE to access general training information for managers.

[Resources/Training and Development/Managers]