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Welcome to the Kentucky Employee Assistance Program Virtual Appointment!

In an effort to give you more ways to connect with KEAP services, we are happy to provide you with a way to speak to a KEAP representative face-to-face without having to travel to our office. To pre-arrange a virtual appointment, give us a call at 502.564.5788 or 800.445.5327.

Entering a KEAP virtual appointment is simple

Once you have scheduled your appointment, you may meet with a KEAP counselor through our virtual appointment page or cut and paste doxy.me/keap into your web browser. (The most updated version of Chrome or Firefox is recommended.) After you have clicked on the link, you will enter the KEAP virtual waiting room and be asked to enter a name in order to check-in. Enter the name that you would like us to use when addressing you. Next, once you click the green "check-in" button, you are set to begin and the KEAP counselor will initiate the video connection with you.  Make sure that your video camera and microphone are on in order to access all the features of the platform. There is a green "pre-call test button" in the bottom left hand corner you can use to see if everything is in working order.

This platform also allows KEAP to offer critical incident and grief responses to work sites throughout the state. Managers or Human Resource professionals may contact our office to arrange these services.

Important Disclaimer

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