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KEAP can recommend and provide a variety of services based on the specific needs of the individual or group.


​Each person seeking help will receive a confidential assessment with a trained professional. The purpose of the assessment is to clearly identify the problem. The assessment may be conducted face-to-face or by telephone.


After the assessment, KEAP may make a referral to the most appropriate professional or resource and provide assistance in making contact with those resources. KEAP does not provide ongoing counseling.


After making the referral, KEAP maintains intermittent contact with the employee to ensure the process has gone smoothly and the needed services are being provided.

Crisis Intervention

When critical incidents or workplace trauma occur, the EAP can provide crisis response. Psychological first aid services provide individuals with information about possible reactions that may follow a critical incident. A structured environment allows individuals to discuss their thoughts and reactions to the incident.

Grief Response

When death affects a workgroup, KEAP is available to help co-workers.

Management Consultation

Supervisors may consult with KEAP professionals for guidance regarding difficult employee and workplace situations.


KEAP staff members are available for staff development training and onsite educational opportunities.