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Eldercare Resources


Many state employees are also children of aging parents.  KEAP has developed a handbook that covers many topics in the area of eldercare.  Below is the Table of Contents for the Facing the Challenges of Eldercare handbook. Find the information you need to aid you in this crucial role. This on-line version includes links to in-depth resources.

          1. Knowing when your parent needs help
          2. Education and Planning
          3. Communicating with your parent
          4. Forming a team
          5. Determining what's needed
            1. Helping stay at home
            2. Living with you
            3. Assisted living
            4. Residential care
          6. Locating Specific Resources
          7. Legal and Financial Concerns
          8. Health & Practical care tips
          9. Work and caregiving
          10. Care for the caregiver

There is a printable booklet copy as well. (Print both sides/flip short edge)

CHFS Department for Aging and Independent Living provides additional resources that offer information about programs and services for the aging and people with disabilities.