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Employee Leave

Kentucky state employees are eligible for a variety  of leave.  

Adverse (Inclement) Weather Leave

While state offices will remain open during adverse weather and essential services will continue, flexible options are available to employees (except those designated as essential for mandatory operations) when weather conditions prevent them from reporting to work at the normal time. Read more in the Employee Handbook.

Annual Leave

All full-time employees, who have worked or been on paid leave (other than educational leave with pay) for 100 or more regular hours per month, accure annual leave. Your length of service will determine the amount of annual leave you earn.  

Read more in the Employee Handbook.

Blood Donation

Employees who donate blood during work hours receive four hours of leave time with pay to donate and recover. Any unused portion of leave time will be credited as compensatory time.  Learn more. 

Compensatory and Overtime

If your job is determined to be non-exempt according to the Fair Labor Standards Act guidelines and you are paid on a salaried basis, you will be given compensatory leave time for any hours you physically work beyond your usual hours of duty.

Read more in the Employee Handbook.

Court Leave

All employees of Kentucky state government receive paid leave time whenever they must serve as jurors or comply with a court or administrative subpoena, unless they or a family member are party to the court action as a private matter. Read more in the Employee Handbook.

Educational Leave

Special leave of absence may be granted with pay (if the employee contractually agrees to a service commitment) or without pay, for up to 24 months.  Annual leave and sick leave can not be earned while on special leave with pay.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

The Family Medical Leave Act provides up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave for certain family and medical reasons.  Enhanced FML benefits are also available in some areas.  Learn more.   

Leave Sharing

Help support your coworkers by sharing leave.  An employee suffering a catastrophic loss to property may qualify for Annual Leave Sharing, and, in the event of an extended illness, Sick Leave Sharing may be an option.  Learn more.

Living Organ Donor Leave Program

Full-time employees may request approval to utilize paid leave in order to donate a human organ (any part of a human intestine, kidney, liver, lung, or pancreas) or  bone marrow.

Living Organ Donor Leave Program - Request Form

Read more in the Employee Handbook.

Military Leave

Active members of the United States Army Reserve, Naval Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Coast Guard Reserve, Public Health Service Reserve, or the National Guard are credited with 21 working days of military leave for the purpose of fulfilling state and/or federal active duty orders, provided your orders require your absence from your state job. State employees who are spouses of active military members are also eligible for a day of leave prior to and after the soldier's deployment. Learn More.

Sick Leave

Full-time employees, who have worked or been on paid leave (other than educational leave with pay) for 100 or more regular hours per month, earn one day of sick leave per month.  After 120 and 240 months of service, ten additional days are earned.  Sick leave may be used if you are sick or injured, and to attend doctor's appointments.

Read more in the Employee Handbook.

Voting Leave

Up to four hours of voting leave is provided to employees wishing to vote during general elections.  In order to be eligible, an employee must be registered to vote in the county holding the election, be scheduled to work on election day, and notify their immediate supervisor prior to receiving leave. Employees who vote and are authorized to work in lieu of taking voting leave will receive up to four hours of compensatory leave for any unused voting leave. Read more in the Employee Handbook.

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