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Documents in demand

See the below list of HR documents requested by employees from the Personnel Cabinet.  Please see the navigation bar for forms specific to the Personnel Cabinet's benefits, programs, trainings and resources.  For example, if you are looking for health insurance forms, visit the health insurance page under benefits.

ACA Health Insurance Reporting

Appeal Form, see Personnel Board website

Driving Directions

Employee Handbook

Employee Records (Request Records)

E​xecutive Branch - Emergency Preparedness Flyer

Glossary of Employment Terms


Internal Mobility Form

Job Class Specifications

KECC Pledge Forms - please visit Resources/Giving Back

KY Saves 529 Plan Contribution Set-up thru Direct Deposit - Instructions

Omnilert - ​​​​​Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Organization Charts

Outside Employment: Employee Request and Agency Response Form

Overtime Compensation Election Form

Personal Information Update Request Form

Personnel Memos

Pre-termination Hearing Form

Previous Qualifying Service Form

Reinstatement Privileges - FAQ

Reprimand Removal Request

Request Records

Request to Confirm 16 Years Career Service

Resumes - Creating a Resume in MyPURPOSE

Reversion Rights - FAQ

Salary Schedule

Special Election notices

State Service Request for Leave Accrual Purposes

Stay Connected! Social media and communication information for employees

Verify Employment

Voting and Election Leave Verification Form

W-2 Information

Work Schedule Request Form

Work Schedule Change Request Form