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LiveHealth Online Medical

A telehealth service provided at no cost to you!
Healthcare at home or on the go
This service lets you talk face-to-face with a doctor through your mobile device or a computer with a webcam. Use LiveHealth Online for common health concerns like colds, the flu, fevers, rashes, infections and allergies. It’s faster, easier and more convenient than a visit to an urgent care center.

With LiveHealth Online, there are no appointments, no waiting and no sitting in traffic. It’s quick, easy and connects you to a doctor of your choice in minutes.

                • Immediate, 24/7 access to doctors at no cost to you. (During a visit, after you select a physician and enter your Anthem ID number, you will see the original cost change to $0.)
                • Help with colds, the flu, allergies, fevers and more.
                • Secure and private video ​chats with board certified doctors.
                • Prescriptions sent to your pharmacy, if needed.

Don’t wait until you or your family get sick. Sign up for LiveHealth Online
today or download the app to your mobile device. Learn about the New and improved experience​ through LiveHealth online.

Please have your Anthem ID card when you register, to ensure you are not charged for your visit. Visit with a psychiatrist who can evaluate your condition and provide medication management so you can feel your best. The cost is $0 for KEHP members.

Using LiveHealth Online you can visit with a board-certified psychiatrist face-to-face through private and secure video from the comfort and privacy of home. Unlike therapists, who offer counseling support, psychiatrists are available to provide medical treatment if you require a prescription to help manage a behavioral health condition.

The psychiatrists you see using LiveHealth Online can provide medication management for common behavioral health conditions like: anxiety, stress, depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and more.

If you’ve previously seen a psychiatrist for medication support, video visits are convenient, with flexible daytime, evening and weekend appointments. In most cases you can make an appointment and visit with a doctor in 14 days or less.

If you’re unsure if you would benefit from medication management it’s best to visit with a psychologist or therapist first using LiveHealthonline Psychology who can offer talk therapy support. When appropriate, therapists can offer referrals to LiveHealth Online Psychiatry for situations where a combination of medication management and talk therapy would be helpful.

It’s easy to get started

Sign up or Log In using the free LiveHealth Online mobile app or on your computer with a webcam. Next, select LiveHealth Online Psychiatry and a date that works best for you to view the available board-certified Psychiatrists in your state. Once you select the doctor you’d like to see, choose a time that works best, and schedule an appointment online or by calling 1.888.548.3432. Appointments are available from 8am to 8pm subject to availability. Typically an initial visit is about 45 minutes long. Follow-up visits are shorter in length for medication review.