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Workers' Compensation First Report of Injury or Illness ​​

We encourage our covered employers to submit a First Report of Injury (below) via electronic submission.

Please do not forget to print the IA-1prior to submitting. You will need to maintain a copy for your records.

If you do not reach us by phone, please do not hesitate to email us your questions:

Matthew Hutcherson at MatthewT.Hutcherson@ky.gov

Melissa Clay at Melissa.Clay@ky.gov

Valerie McGrapth at Valerie.McGrapth@ky.gov

Allison Walters at Allison.Walters@ky.gov 

Alan Hurst at AlanB.Hurst@ky.gov

Reminder: The First Report of Injury (IA-1) must be submitted by the supervisor (or designee) immediately after notification of injury. The first report of injury must be completed "within three (3) working days" per KRS 342.038, after the injury. Failure to comply with this statute can result in a fine being levied of up to $1,000.00 for each occurrence.

Please Complete the Following Steps:

        1. Open and complete the injury form. Once you have completed the form, click the "Print" button at the bottom of the page to save a copy for your records. (This feature will allow users to save an electronic copy of the injury report. Select the "Adobe PDF" print option to create electronic files. If you forget to save the file before submitting, the system will ask you again after submitting if you would like to print a copy.)
        2. Once you have saved the form to your computer, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page and your form will be delivered to the Personnel Cabinet for processing via a secure connection. The email address listed in the “Preparer’s Email” section will receive an email which is a generated confirmation indicating the file has been successfully submitted with a date and time. This confirmation email will also include a link to submit additional documentation securely to our office.
        3. If you have any view or compatibility issues or questions, please contact the Workers Compensation Program at 502.564.6846 or by email at: Personnel.workerscompensation@ky.gov.

This form is viewed best using the most current version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

First Report of Injury form, click here.

Submitting supporting or additional injury documentation:

Please refer to your e-mail confirmation for the link to securely submit supporting documentation for any claim reported to the Workers Compensation Office.

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