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Safety Program

While safety is everyone's responsibility, be sure to discuss expectations regularly to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.


      Safety Tip

Supervisor Responsibilities

As a supervisor, you're responsible for the safety of employees under your direction and the safe operation of machines and equipment within your area.

Ensure full compliance with all safety rules and procedures.

Ensure that each employee is fully trained for each task he/she is assigned, including safety rules and procedures.

Maintain safe working conditions by conducting periodic inspections of equipment, tools, and the worksite and correcting any deficiencies.

Investigate and report all accidents. For tips on how to properly conduct an accident investigation, please click here. Download the Kentucky Safety Program accident investigation form here.

Conduct regular safety meetings and ongoing on-the-job training.

Employee Responsibilities

Each employee has the responsibility for preventing accidents and injuries to themselves and others.

Obey all safety rules and regulations

Report any unsafe conditions or acts to their supervisor.

Report all injuries, no matter how minor.

Make their safety and health and the safety of coworkers the primary responsibility in performing work duties.

Know how to operate all equipment and machinery used, and fully understand all safety and health requirements for all work tasks.

Executive Safety Advisory Committee (ESAC)

The Executive Safety Advisory Committee (ESAC) was created by Executive Order to develop and promote a workplace safety program designed to reduce the number of work-related accidents and illness. ESAC works to advance the health and safety of all Commonwealth employees.  

 View the Administrative Regulation 803 KAR 2:181​​ that covers OSHA Reporting of Amputations, Fatalities and Hospitalizations.

Ergonomic Evaluations

Many times an ergonomic evaluation can be provided as a plan to prevent injuries/accidents. However, ergonomic evaluations can be conducted at any time during the recuperation period. Ergonomic evaluations can be provided for employees in any type of setting (office, kitchen, distribution center, etc.).

Requests can be made by employees or managers. To schedule an evaluation of your work area, talk with your supervisor if you are experiencing discomfort with your work station.

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