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RethinkCare provides parents and caregivers with the resources and guidance they need to raise their kids. Whether you’re looking to solve a particular parenting challenge, or you just want tips and ideas, RethinkCare can help with 24/7/365 support tailored to your family’s unique needs.
This program is suitable for all families caring for children and provides specialized support for those raising children with learning, social or behavioral challenges or developmental disabilities.

Get confidential, one-on-one virtual consultations with a dedicated Parenting Expert, available to answer your questions, brainstorm solutions and help find additional resources for you and your child. Learn helpful tips, coping skills, and parenting techniques for a wide variety of challenges that cover all ages and stages of your child’s development. Go deeper and take on-demand training courses to help you address your child’s behavior, social and emotional growth, attention and focus, academics and much more.

The program has no age restriction, requires no diagnosis, and is completely confidential. Get started anytime.​​ ​​​Visit connect.rethinkcare.com/sponsor/kehp and use enrollment code “KEHP”. Email support@rethinkcare.com​ for assistance in signing up or if you have questions.