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  Services and Programs!

Below is a list of services and programs that are available to state employees. Click on the link to learn more and be prepared to guide your employees to the same information, so they too can benefit from what is offered.

[Links have been provided for quick access; however, we encourage you to learn our site. Familiarize yourself with where content is housed. You'll notice at the bottom right of each item we've provided the path you would follow to locate each item using the above header and drop-down menu.]

Blood Donation

The Kentucky Safety Program and the Personnel Cabinet are pleased to sponsor alternating blood drives throughout the year for the American Red Cross and the Kentucky Blood Center. Click HERE for more information.

[Benefits/Holidays & Leave/Leave/Blood Donation]

Deferred Compensation

Click HERE for more information on Supplemental Retirement Savings Plans which are available for employees who receive a regular paycheck.

[Benefits/Deferred Compensation]


Enjoy the perks of being a state employee. Click HERE for a list of participating companies.

[Resources/Rewards & Recognition/Discounts]

Diversity and Equality

Click HERE for more information from the Office of Diversity, Equality & Training (ODET) who helps to develop and promote an environment of inclusion, where we explore our unique differences, and embrace and celebrate the rich dimension that each individual contributes to the success of the whole.

[Services/Diversity, Equality and Training]


The Ethics Commission is an independent agency of the Commonwealth which has been given the responsibility of administering and enforcing the provisions of the code of ethics, which sets the ethical standards that govern the conduct of all executive branch employees. Click HERE for more information.


Health Insurance

The Kentucky Employees' Health Plan (KEHP) is a non-profit, self-funded plan that offers health insurance benefits and flexible spending accounts to more than 280,000 members. Click HERE for more information.

[Benefits/Health Insurance]

Kentucky Employee Assistance Program (KEAP)

Click HERE for more information on this program that is dedicated to helping employees find resources for personal concerns such as family issues, emotional distress, alcoholism or drug abuse, financial concerns or job stress challenges.


Kentucky Employees Charitable Campaign (KECC)

For more information on this campaign that is used to raise funds through a single source for a number of state approved charities, through payroll deduction, click HERE.

[Resources/Giving Back]

Kentucky Employee Suggestion System (KESS)

Cash awards ranging from $100 to $2500 are given to employees who share ideas that improve the productivity and services offered by the state. Click HERE for more information.

[Resources/Rewards & Recognition]

Life Insurance

Click HERE for more information on the comprehensive protection available for you and your family.

[Benefits/Life Insurance]

Mediation and Workplace Resolution

KEMP is a professional, proven mediation and workplace resolution program available to all Executive Branch employees, free of charge. Click HERE for more information.

[Services/Mediation & Workplace Resolution]


The Kentucky Public Pensions Authority (KPPA) is a defined benefit plan, providing a guaranteed payout at retirement. Click HERE for more information.



Click HERE for more information on the Safety Program which provides training, education, information, coordination, and assistance in the areas of workplace health and safety, loss prevention, and risk management.



The Kentucky Employees' Health Plan offers a comprehensive wellness program that includes state-of-the-art tools and benefits to help members live healthier, longer lives. Click HERE for more information.


Workers Compensation

Click HERE for more information on medical and disability benefits available to employees (except Transportation Cabinet employees) who may experience a work-related injury or illness.

[Benefits/Workers Compensation Insurance]