Just like you, it's important for employees to be provided the tools they need to succeed. Below are links to helpful information you should be aware of and able to guide your employees to.

[Links have been provided for quick access; however, we encourage you to learn our site. Familiarize yourself with where content is housed. You'll notice at the bottom right of each item we've provided the path you would follow to locate each item using the above header and drop-down menu.]

Personnel Cabinet Website

You are already on the Personnel Cabinet website. To get to the main page, click HERE.

[Click on 'Kentucky Personnel'  shown at the top left of the screen]

KHRIS Employee Self-Service (ESS) Information

Click HERE to access information and tutorials on the ESS feature within KHRIS. It includes how to set-up and manage your direct deposit, view leave balances and request W2 reprints.

To access KHRIS ESS, click on the KHRIS Login button, located at the top right of your screen.

[Resources/Training & Development/KHRIS/ESS]

Training Information

Click HERE to view information about training available through the Personnel Cabinet.

[Resources/Training & Development]

Employee Performance Management System

Click HERE to access employee information as it relates to the Employee Performance Management System mandated by 101 KAR 2:190.

[Resources/Training and Development/Employee/Performance Management]​