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The Big Questions

The Personnel Cabinet’s strategic planning process began with the development of our mission, vision and values. In the second phase, each department or office conducted a S.W.O.T. analysis, examining its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The executive leadership team has completed phase three, which we are calling our “Big Questions.”

The Big Questions represent the goals that the Cabinet will be working toward over the next two years. The questions were developed by analyzing all of the S.W.O.T. input from each department, plus discussion around the role and future aspirations of the Cabinet. All of this information was distilled into four broad categories, which were then framed as “How will we…” questions. The answers to these questions drive the operational and action planning for the entire cabinet.

The Big Questions are:

How Will We Make Kentucky State Government an Employer of Choice?

As the labor market tightens, competition among employers for the “best and brightest” will get more intense. For us to fulfill our mission to “attract, develop, motivate and retain a talented, diverse workforce,” we need to implement strategies that position Kentucky state government as an employer of choice for current and potential employees.

We will…

Promote workplace flexibility

Ensure diversity of the workforce

Promote health & wellness

Recognize and reward outstanding employee performance

How Will We Create a Learning and Development Culture?

One of the key elements for creating employee engagement and retention is a focus on personal and professional growth. We must create opportunities for sharing knowledge across the enterprise and enable employees to fully develop their talents and skills for the benefit of the Commonwealth and themselves.

We will…

Assess learning needs

Develop innovative learning strategies

Encourage employee learning

Create career development & training paths

Ensure manager involvement in learning & development

How Will We Promote a One-Employer Concept across Kentucky State Government?

In the past, the various Cabinets have tended to operate as autonomous organizations rather than parts of a larger enterprise, sometimes leading to duplication and inefficiencies. We wish to find ways to allow agencies the necessary independence to meet their unique needs while encouraging sharing of services across the enterprise to ensure consistency and efficient use of resources.

We will…

Create standard procedures for all human resource related functions

Implement a common new hire onboarding experience

Establish common practices that govern the HR life cycle (hiring, promotions/transfers and exits)

Ensure full and successful implementation of KHRIS

How Will We Enhance Customer Value?

Everything we do should be focused on the customer. As we endeavor to transform human resource services in the public sector, we need to move beyond providing excellent customer service to ensuring customer value. Our programs and services need to be measured according to the value they add to our customers.

We will…

Measure value of and satisfaction with cabinet services & programs

Ensure cabinet structures and systems enable high-quality customer service

Enhance the “customer experience”

Improve communication with customers