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Diversity Initiatives

The Commonwealth of Kentucky strives to create a work environment that values diversity and inclusion.  Diversity complements the other organizational values of teamwork, leadership, empowerment and service quality and encompasses the way we work, the work environment, and respect for people and ideas. Diversity includes everyone and everything. While its major focus may often revolve around race and gender, it is not something that is defined, or limited to these two factors. Diversity also extends to age, personal and work history, education, function, personality, geographic origin, tenure with the organization, merit and non-merit status, and management or non-management position. It also encompasses varying management styles and ways of thinking, leadership abilities, skill levels, experiences, viewpoints, expression of thoughts and differing ways of delivering services provided there is consistency in the values we share.

The Office of Diversity, Equality and Training (ODET) strives to be a driving force for creating a workplace culture in which every employee feels valued, respected, and supported. A strategic plan has been developed to outline programming and services designed to facilitate a better understanding of the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond.  In recognition of the variety evident in the cultures, perspectives and circumstances of our employees, we utilize a myriad of approaches with an emphasis on Innovation, Collaboration and Education.  

Maintaining a culture that values increased awareness and respect for an inclusive workplace encourages our employees to support diverse communities, thereby promoting a more socially and economically vibrant Commonwealth.   


ERGs are committed to raising cultural awareness and creating a sense of belonging among all state government employees. ERGs collectively develop programming, conduct (virtual) events and activities, and support internal and external community initiatives. Visit the ERGs​ to learn more and join an ERG today.

Created in 1995, the Governor's Minority Management Trainee Program (GMMTP) is a twelve-month transformational leadership development program designed to provide guidance and leadership development opportunities for minority employees in the merit system. A flagship program, the GMMTP has garnered respect and attention as a model for retaining and promoting minorities within state government. Read more

For more information on the Governor's Minority Management Trainee Program, please contact Patrick Carrington​​​ at 502.782.9523​​ or Patrick.carrington@ky.gov