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Personnel Cabinet Directory

We strive to provide a quick and easy way to find what you're looking for. For a list of Personnel Cabinet Employees and their contact information, click HERE. See below for a list of services.

The Personnel Cabinet is located at 501 High Street, Frankfort, KY 40601. Normal business hours are from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Department of Employee Insurance

Flexible Benefits502.564.6534E-mail
Health Insurance Enrollment Information502.564.1205E-mail
Life Insurance  502.564.4774 E-mail
Member Services502.564.6534E-mail
State Wellness Program502.564.6534E-mail

Department of Human Resources Administration

Applicant, Veterans, and Recruitment Assistance502.564.8030E-mail
Classification and Compensation502.564.6464E-mail
Employee Performance Evaluations502.564.6464E-mail
HR Certification 502.564.8030E-mail
Payroll Processing for Agencies502.564.6883E-mail
Records Retention, for Personnel Cabinet502.564.6464E-mail
Recruitment (Jobs)502.564.8030Report an issue
Verification of Employment502.564.6873E-mail
Veterans' Advisor502.564.8030E-mail

Office of Diversity, Equality & Training

Affirmative Action502.564.8000E-mail
Diversity Training502.564.8000E-mail
Employee Resource Group (ERG) 502.564.8000E-mail
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)502.564.8000E-mail
Governor's Minority Management Training Program (GMMTP)502.564.8000E-mail

Office of Employee Relations

ADA Program502.564.9818E-mail
Adoption Assistance Program502.564.9818E-mail
Blood Donation Information502.564.9653E-mail
Employee Suggestion System502.564.9818E-mail
Family Medical Leave502.564.9818E-mail
Governor's Ambassador Awards502.564.9818E-mail
Kentucky Employee Assistance Program (KEAP)502.564.5788E-mail
Kentucky Employee Mediation Program (KEMP)502.564.6618E-mail
Kentucky Employees Charitable Campaign 502.564.9818 E-mail
Leave Sharing Program502.564.6883E-mail
Public Employee Recognition Week502.564.9818E-mail
Retirement Certificates 502.564.9818 E-mail
Return to Work Program502.564.0348E-mail
Service Certificates502.564.9818E-mail
State Safety Program502.564.9653E-mail
Workers' Compensation502.564.6847E-mail

Office of Legal Services​

Background Checks502.564.7430E-mail
Employee Personnel files502.564.7430E-mail
Legal Procedures502.564.7430E-mail
Open Records Requests502.564.7430Submit a Request

​Office of Public Affairs

Legislative Assistance502.564.7430E-mail
Media Relations502.564.6791E-mail
Website 502.564.7430E-mail

​Kentucky Deferred Compensation Authority

Administrative Services Branch502.573.2110E-mail
Deposits and Records Branch502.573.2122E-mail
Executive Director's Office502.573.2105E-mail
Marketing and Communications Branch502.782.8472E-mail
Member Services Center Branch502.573.2130E-mail
Receipt Reconciliation Branch502.573.2123E-mail

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