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Classification and Compensation Report

House Bill 1, Part 1- Operating Budget, I- Personnel Cabinet, 1 General Operations, (1) Classification and Compensation Report: The Personnel Cabinet Secretary shall perform a comprehensive review of the Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS) Chapter 18A Classification and Compensation Plan, specifically the current salary schedule, and shall provide a report and recommendations for changes to the Interim Joint Committees on State Government and Appropriations and Revenue by July 7, 2022, for action by the 2023 General Assembly. The recommendations for changes shall include but not be limited to locality pay, seniority, job classification, and other factors as deemed necessary by the Secretary to provide competitive pay for Executive Branch employees. The Secretary shall work with the Office of State Budget Director to develop cost projections by fund source for their recommendations and include the projections in their report. 

Report and Contents

Classification and Compensation Report


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