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Career Development​

Some people will spend more time planning what to have for lunch than what to do with their life. Career development is a process by which employees assess existing skills, knowledge, abilities and interests; strengths and weaknesses; explore job/occupational opportunities; establish career objectives; and develop realistic career plans. Knowing your strengths, igniting your passion, and working with a company that needs your strengths and passion will lead to a fulfilling career.

Career development not only benefits employees, but agencies as well. It is a valuable tool that can assist in retention, succession planning, knowledge transfer and performance discussions. As employees build skills and competencies to meet career objectives linked to business objectives, a system is informally established to respond to future agency needs and strategies. Collaboration between the agency and its employees helps the agency keep its employees engaged in the agency's growth process and helps assure that the right employee with the right skills, knowledge and abilities is placed in the right job, at the right time, to provide the necessary services and products to keep the agency growing in the right direction.

Career plans are outlined goals that take employees toward achieving career growth. These plans are important because they help employees develop viable plans to obtain the abilities, skills and competencies needed to achieve personal career goals, which, when tied into agency goals, will assist agencies in accomplishing strategic objectives.

A career development workbook is a collection of necessary tools and instruments to help employees navigate through the career development process. It provides a means to help employees and managers engage in meaningful discussions about career exploration, development needs and future career movement that align with organizational needs.

Modern career development models suggest that the employee, rather than the employer, should be proactive about personal career development. This encourages employees to discover and understand where they currently fit within the agency and how that role affects the overall success of the organization. More importantly, it allows employees to see where they can go in the future if they take the initiative to acquire essential competencies. The employer's role is to actively reinforce, encourage and assist employees in establishing career paths suited to their abilities and desires.   

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