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In which direction is your organization headed?

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What is Strategic Planning? 

Successful strategic plans are working documents that explain where you are going and promote the constructive change that will get you there.

Planning is setting the direction for something. Usually, we start with preferred results and work backward to identify what will produce those results.

Strategies are methods to achieve goals and objectives.

Strategic planning allows organizations to make fundamental decisions that guide them to a developed vision of the future. The result of this effort, the strategic plan, serves as the basis for action that directs all resources toward that future. The plan, which must be practical and flexible, guides daily decisions.    

Why do Strategic Planning in State Government? 

The purpose of strategic planning in Kentucky government is to:

          • Establish statewide direction in key policy or functional areas to move away from crisis-driven decision-making
          • Provide a basis for aligning resources in a rational manner to address the critical issues facing the state now and in the future
          • Make state government more responsive to the needs of Kentuckians by placing greater emphasis on benefits and results rather than just service efforts and workload
          • Bring focused issues to policy-makers for review and debate
          • Provide a context to link the budget process and other legislative processes with priority issues, and to improve accountability for the use of state resources
          • Establish a means of coordinating the policy concerns of public officials with agency efforts
          • Build interagency, intergovernmental, and public/private/nonprofit partnerships
          • Provide a forum for communication between service providers and the constituents they serve

 Statutory Requirement 

The Kentucky strategic planning statute (KRS 48.810) requires that each executive branch program cabinet and a few non-cabinet organizational entities, submit a four (4)-year strategic plan every two (2) years when it submits its biennial budget request.

Each agency required to submit a strategic plan is also required to prepare and submit an annual strategic plan progress report detailing the progress the agency has made in the past year toward achieving its strategic goals and objectives on or before September 1 of each even-numbered fiscal year, e.g., 2022, 2024, etc.


Strategic Planning Handbook 

Strategic Plan Template

Strategic Planning training is online at MyPURPOSE.  

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