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2014 Award Winners Recognized


June, recognized as National Safety Month, is a fitting time for the Executive Safety Advisory Committee (ESAC) to announce safety winners for calendar year 2014.  A ceremony was held at the KY State Office Building on June 30, 2015. Plaques were presented to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Education & Workforce Development Cabinet, Energy and Environment Cabinet, Finance and Administration Cabinet, Labor Cabinet, Personnel Cabinet and Department of Military Affairs and a combined 137 certificates were awarded to these winners for their commitment to workplace safety and employee education. Reduction in the number of work-related accidents and illnesses helps to reduce worker's compensation costs and improve employee productivity and morale.  Congratulations to these winners:  

Cabinet for Health and Family Services (26)

Office of Health Policy; Office of Human Resource Management; Office of Inspector General – Division of Health Care, Division of Audits & Investigations, London Office;  Office of Legal Services; Office of the Ombudsman; Office of Policy & Budget; Office of Administrative & Technology Services – Division of Accounting & Procurement Services, Division of Strategic Services, Division of Systems Management, Division of Medicaid Systems; Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs; Department for Aging & Independent Living – Division of Quality Living, Division of Operations & Support; Department for Family Resource Centers & Volunteer Services; Department for Medicaid Services; Department for Public Health –Office of the Commissioner, Division of Maternal & Child Health, Division of Prevention & Quality Improvement, Division of Women's Health; Department for Community Based Services – Division of Family Support, Division of Protection & Permanency, Division of Child Care, Division of Program Performance, Division of Administration & Financial Management

Education & Workforce Development Cabinet (49)

Department of Education

Area Technology Centers - Barren County, Belfrey, Boone County, Breathitt County, Breckinridge County, Bullitt County, Butler County, Caldwell County, Campbell County, Carroll County, Casey County, Clark County, Clay County, Clinton County, Corbin, Floyd County, Fulton County, Garrard County, Green County, Harrison County, Jackson County, Knott County, Knox County, Lake Cumberland, Lee County, Leslie County, Letcher County, Lincoln County, Madison County, Marion County, Martin County, Mason County, Mayfield/Graves County, Meade County, Millard, Monroe County, Montgomery County, Morgan County, Murray/Calloway County, Nelson County, Ohio County, Pulaski County, Rockcastle County, Russellville, Shelby County, Warren County, Wayne County;

Hazard Administrative Business Office; FFA Leadership Training Center

Energy and Environment Cabinet (5)

Department of Environmental Protection - Commissioner's Office, Division for Air Quality, Division of Enforcement, Division for Environmental Program Support; Department for Natural Resources – Division of Mine Permits

Finance and Administration Cabinet (39)

Office of the Secretary; Office of Administrative Services –  Executive Director's Office, Division of Administrative Support Services, Division of Budget & Planning, Division of Human Resources, Division of Postal Services, Division of Fleet Management; Office of EEO & Contract Compliance; Department of Revenue – Office of the Commissioner, Division of Special Investigations, Office of Processing & Enforcement, Office of Field Operations,  Office of Field Operations Region 1, Office of Field Operations Region 2, Office of Field Operations Region 3, Office of Property Valuation, Office of Income Taxation, Office of Sales & Excise Taxes; Commonwealth Office of Technology – Office of the Commissioner, Office of Enterprise Technology, Office of Infrastructure Services, Executive Director's Office, Division of IT Operations, Division of Field Services, Office of Chief Information Security Officer, Office of Information Technology Service Management, Office of  Application Development; Office of Policy & Audit; Office of the Controller – Office of the Executive Director, Division of Local Government Services, Division of State Risk & Insurance Services, Office of Financial Management, Office of Procurement Services, Office of Statewide Accounting Services; Office of General Counsel; Department for Facilities & Support Services – Office of the Commissioner, Division of Real Properties, Division of Historic Properties, Division of Mechanical Services, Office of Facility Development & Efficiency

Labor Cabinet (4)

Office of the Secretary; Department of Workplace Standards - Division of Education & Training, Division of Employment Standards, Apprenticeship & Mediation, Division of Workers' Compensation Funds

Personnel Cabinet (10)

Office of the Secretary; Office of Administrative Services; Office of Legal Services; Office of Diversity & Equality; Center for Strategic Innovation; Office of Employee Relations; Governmental Services Center; Public Employees Deferred Compensation Authority; Department of Employee Insurance;  Department of Human Resources Administration

General Government (4)

Department of Military Affairs - Division of Administrative Services, Bluegrass Station Division, Division of  Emergency Management, Division of Facilities